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Photo: Pepe Brix/

On the world fishermen's day the NGO IPNFL runs a campaign to show how it is possible to fish in balance with nature, so as not to deplete fish stocks. In addition there is an effort to tell the stories of local fishermen to help consumers understand how they can make the changes they want to see by directly supporting these amazing communities.

Aims of the campaign:

1) To help understand where seafood comes from and what the social and environmental consequences are.

2) In some areas of the world, fishing is a necessity for survival. Entire nations and small island developing states financially depend on the ocean with little to no other economic opportunities from natural resources for industries such as agriculture. Responsible small-scale fisheries bring income and recirculate wealth among coastal communities whose local economies depend on the fishing industry. This contributes to local food security, poverty alleviation, and secures livelihoods. These communities can actually play an incredibly important role in ocean conservation by using age-old fishing methods that have minimal impact on the environment.

3)Responsible consumer choice regarding the type of fish caught.

4)Use and promote the IPNLF Sourcing Transparency Platform (STP) so everyone can find the responsibly caught one-by-one tuna.